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Albert Einstein and Mileva Maric are students at a university in Switzerland near the beginning of the 20th century. Mileva's parents thinks she will never get a man because she has a limp, so her dad encourages her to develop her brain so she will have a professional life. In fact Mileva's dad, who is quite nutty, says that it's great that Mileva limps because if she got married it would prevent her from being a great scientist. Little did he know that his great scientist daughter would be reduced to little more than being a temporary breeding cow for Albert Einstein.

Einstein meets Mileva at the university. At first she is sexually frigid. He tries to woo her by playing the violin with her and going on hiking trips with her. He pursues her relentlessly, saying he is turned on by her intellectual strengths.  He compliments her for being a brilliant mathematician. But really, he just wants to get into her pants.

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Mileva resists, saying that she can't let a guy bone her, because she wants to focus on her schoolwork. This is a lame excuse because of course she could let herself be boned at night while attending classes during the day.

Mileva is so afraid of romance that she actually transfers to a different university for a semester to get away from Einstein. How nutty is that? When she returned, however, Einstein resumed seducing her, playing the violin for her and talking with her in cafes.

Albert's parents do not approve of Mileva. They don't want him marrying a cripple, or an Eastern European, or an Orthodox Christian, all of which Mileva is. But Albert does not care about these things.

Einstein tells Mileva that she has a "full bosom" and a tiny waist. They go to Lake Como where Mileva lets him bone her. She revels in the experience of feeling Einstein's genius p_nis thrusting within her, leading her to great thoughts about motion through time and space. Heh heh heh.

Sex with Einstein also helps Mileva postulate a complex theory: that she is pregnant. Because she is so brilliant, her theory turns out to be correct.

Einstein refuses to marry her immediately, and see if you can understand why.

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