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Plot Summary Part 3

At this point readers must think Einstein is a total dick, but wait, it gets worse.

Mileva finds correspondence indicating that Einstein is preparing to meet and bone an old girlfriend. She confronts him about it but Einstein claims it is just a meeting of friends. Mileva threatens to write the girl's husband and tell him about Einstein's plan to bone his wife.

Einstein becomes famous because of Mileva's theory of relativity but Einstein never mentions her or collaborates with her. He just treats her simply like a baby making machine. When Einstein finds a man to collaborate with, Mileva is enraged that he didn't consider her.

Then Mileva learns that Einstein is sexually attracted to his cousin Elsa and wants to bone her.  His cousin! I guess that's what they mean when they talk about the "theory of relativity", heh heh heh.

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Instead of being embarrassed, Einstein blames Mileva. He says that she is such a sad sack that he needs to go out and bone other girls. Einstein writes up a contract he demands Mileva sign where she promises to cook and clean and be an obedient slave wife and in return Einstein would never have to have sex with her again. Mileva refuses to agree and moves out, as Einstein intended. Einstein then puts his "theory of relativity" into practice with his cousin Elsa, heh heh heh. Sorry, but it really cracks me up to write that.

The end.

Literary Criticism:

This is a terrible book on two levels.

The first is that the basis for this book is a lie. This book rests on two elements: (1) That Mileva invented the theory of relativity, and (2) that Einstein was a philandering dick. The first is clearly untrue, and the second is unproven.

Facts indicate that Einstein thought of the theory of relativity all on his own. There are some claims that Mileva helped him with it, but there is not a shred of proof to support it. Even Mileva's son said that his mother had no part in it. This book not only claims that Mileva had a part in creating this theory, but it goes a step further and claims that she herself invented the concept.

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