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Chris obeys and goes to the shower and takes off his clothes. You have to wonder at this point whether Chris is dumb, or homosexual, or both. But the other prisoner doesn't want to schlong Chris in the ass.  He offers to let Chris smoke banana peels with him. Yes, exactly what I wrote. Chris does it.

Back to a flashback, with Chris trying for the 500th time to bone Emily. He tells her he wants her so bad, and she thinks she wants him too--just not in the sexual way, ha ha! Thinking of sex with Chris makes Emily want to throw up. So she tells him she feels like a sister to him, to deflate him, and it works, making his p_nis go soft. Ha, score one for Emily!

In another flashback, Chris tries for the 501th time to have sex with Emily, and finally she gives in. As Chris gets ready to pump her pristine v_gina with his sweaty, teenage p_nis, Emily asks if it will hurt. Chris assures her that it will. Isn't this romantic?

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Chris says if it hurts when he rams his p_nis into her that she can pinch him so he hurts too. Chris equates using a human battering ram to impale a hymen with a small pinch. Chris thrusts into her  and Emily feels stretched. Chris moans, and about 2.4 seconds later he climaxes, while Emily is literally staring at a nearby horse and trying not to pay attention. Not making that up.

In a flashback within the flashback, Emily flashes back to the time when she went into the men's room in McDonald's and a pervert grabbed her, shoved his hand into her v_gina for exactly 2 seconds, and let her go.

This is the ultimate reveal. We are supposed to think that because, when Emily was 9 years old, a pervert touched her v_gina for 2 seconds, that that is the reason she is so unhappy with sex, that that is the reason she wants to die. It's so incredibly unbelievable, and yet this is what the entire book turns on.

Back in the present, Chris explains that he was helping Emily kill herself so he could prevent her from killing herself. No, this makes no sense to me either. Chris hoped to talk her out of it.

We get another flashback to Emily going to an abortion clinic and scheduling a v_gina vacuuming. She tells the abortionist that Chris has no idea what he's planted in there. The abortionist is just fine with Emily killing her unborn child without telling Chris.

But Emily chickens out when the abortionist tries to touch her v_gina. She freaks out because it reminds her of her Big Mac Panic Attack with the pervert who touched her v_gina for 2 seconds in the McDonald's bathroom. She leaves without getting her abortion. I guess she decides to abort herself instead.

Back in the present, a prisoner named Hector (who smoked bananas with Chris) taunts him about killing Emily. Chris smacks him in the face and gets locked up solitary. Chris must not have been angry for very long because later he prays that Hector gets out of jail soon. Don't ask me to explain this obvious character inconsistency, it's poor writing.

Chris has a cellmate named Steve who killed his baby. They get along great together. Steve offers to give Chris a tattoo with a needle of dubious origin. Chris thinks this is a great idea and lets Steve tattoo him, even though he could catch AIDS from this. Although we never explicitly see Steve raping Chris, one way prisoners show dominance in prison is by tattooing their boyfriends.

Steve tries to kill himself with a razor. Chris calls the guards to save Steve from himself.

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