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Ok, it's theme time--Chris is doing for Steve what he should have done for Emily, which was to alert the authorities that she was nutty and needed to be locked up.

Emily's mom, Melanie, is convinced Chris is guilty. So she is upset to learn that her husband, Michael, is going to testify on Chris's behalf.

So Melanie puts on a sexy outfit and sets out to seduce him one night. Michael is suspicious because his wife has always been kind of frigid and has never asked for sex before. Her robe opens and her nipples press against his chest. She reaches down and starts cupping his testicles, which started filling with sperm the moment her robe opened.

Michael immediately understands that his wife is up to something because she is acting sexually attracted to him, something he has never seen before. She confesses she does not want him to testify for Chris, and thinks that if she lets him squirt some sperm into her v_gina that he will be so grateful to her that he will not testify on Chris's behalf. What kind of a crazy bitch is Melanie?

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You also have to wonder about their marriage if Melanie never asks for sex. She probably hates it but tolerates it to stay married. You begin to understand where Emily got her frigidity from.

Back in flashback land, Chris tries to convince Emily not to kill herself. He takes her out to nice restaurants. he shows her old love notes. And he tried having a lot of sex. Chris told himself that was to convince Emily to live, but I think Chris did it more for his own benefit, heh heh.

Emily still wants to kill herself; in fact, she tells Chris he should kill himself too. What a selfish bitch!

Back in the present, the trial begins. Chris's lawyer is an uncaring but talented guy named Jordan. Jordan has no interested in knowing if Chris is innocent or guilty and he shows zero sympathy for Chris. His only job is to get Chris declared not guilty of murder. At trial, the prosecution shows that Chris's fingerprints were on the gun. But Jordan establishes that while Chris's fingerprints were on the gun, there were no fingerprints on the trigger so anyone, even Emily, could have pulled the trigger. That's good because all Jordan has to do is establish a "reasonable doubt" whether Chris killed her.

Then Jordan interviews an expert about Emily's bruises. The prosecution said that Emily was bruised while resisting being killed, but Jordan got the expert to testify that the bruises could also have occurred during rough sex. This book is full of little kinky tidbits, isn't it?

Melanie Gold testifies that she thinks Chris killed her daughter because she was pregnant and because he didn't want a baby. But Jordan got Melanie to admit that she, Melanie, didn't know Emily was pregnant, and that even Melanie had no idea if Chris knew she was pregnant. In fact, Jordan interviewed an abortionist who testified that Emily told her that she hadn't told Chris about her pregnancy.

Then there is a lot of psychobabble as they analyze one of Emily's paintings with a tongue sticking out. An "expert" testified that could mean that Emily was sexually molested. But it is all conjecture and proves nothing. However, it also happens to be the truth, that Emily wanted to kill herself because of her terrible two second Big Mac Panic Attack with the v_gina touching man in the bathroom.

Michael Gold testified that he didn't think Chris killed his daughter because Chris loved her. I'm guessing that after that testimony it will be a long, long time before Melanie ever has sex with him again.

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