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Teenagers are really dumb. Teenagers are really dumb. Chris loves Emily but agrees to help her kill herself, hoping he could change her mind? What he clearly should have done is alert her parents so they could have put her in a mental hospital, locked her in a strait jacket, and doped her up with mind control drugs until she was no longer a threat to herself. What was Chris thinking? He sounds like a total retard.

V_ginas are like birthday presents that shouldn't be unwrapped too soon. A pervert touches Emily's v_gina for 2 seconds when she is 9 years old. Emily is scarred for life. That's why young girls shouldn't have their v_ginas touched until they get hairy down there and start bleeding. Their young v_ginas are like landmines waiting to go off. Touch one prematurely and boom! They go nuts.

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A lot of women are frigid. Chris tries to bone Emily for a long time but she resists and doesn't enjoy it when she finally gives in. Emily is frigid in this book, ostensibly because of the two second Big Mac Attack she had when she was nine years old. But then we get clues that her mother Melanie is frigid too, when her husband Michael sees her trying to seduce him and realizes that Melanie never asks for sex.  You have to wonder if Emily inherited her lack of interest in sex from her Mom, who seems almost as frigid as Emily.

You can meet really nice guys in prison. Because this book is politically correct, Chris meets all kinds of nice guys in prison. Steve the baby killer becomes his best prison friend and they get tattooed together like gay lovers. Come on! In a realistic story about prison Chris would be getting his ass raped every night by spanish speaking gangs. You know it is true.

Conviction requires certainty. Jordan, the defense attorney, didn't have to prove that Chris was innocent; under the law, all he needed to do was to prove that he wasn't guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. He tried to do that by showing the possibility that Chris didn't fire the gun, but when Chris stuck his cock into things by testifying to the contrary, Chris was still able to raise reasonable doubt as to who ultimately pulled the trigger, him or Emily.

Women lead happier lives when they enjoy sex. Contrast Donna and Emily. Emily hated sex and was so unhappy she wanted to kill herself. Donna loved sex, practically raping Chris on their first date, and enjoyed the act immensely. She led a much happier life, simply because she gave in to the joys of p_nis.

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