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Don is a professor of genetics. But he is a total retard, and doesn't know how to relate to people, especially women. You could call him a retard, as I do, or you could also call him a robot. He analyzes every situation like a computer. This is meant to be cute. It never is.

Don has a "wife problem". He wants to get married. The problem is, no woman has ever touched his p_nis, nor is one likely to, because he is so socially retarded. So Don decides to search for a wife. He creates an enormous questionnaire with many pages of questions and when he goes on dates or to parties he expects women to fill them out. From these questions he expects to find his perfect match.

So you are supposed to laugh when he goes to parties and tries to get women to fill these things out. You are supposed to laugh at his naiveté in thinking that a questionnaire can help him find true love. Unfortunately neither of these elements are funny. They are the feeble attempts of a writer attempting, and failing, to be "cute".

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Don goes on a date with a woman named Olivia who obviously finds him attractive. But since she said she was a vegetarian on her questionnaire and Don doesn't think he can fall in love with a vegetarian, he rejects her out of hand. You are supposed to find this cute and funny.

Don goes to a party and a woman there talks about sex and asks him to go drinking with her. Don refuses because not everyone at the party has filled out their questionnaires.  You are supposed to find this cute and funny.

Don meets a graduate student named Rosie who evidently has an itch in her v_gina that needs scratching because she invites herself over to Don's apartment on their first date. As they eat Rosie talks about large p_nises. It's obvious what she's looking for but Don is completely oblivious to it.

Don calls a cab without telling her and escorts her off the premises at the end of dinner. You are supposed to find his lack of awareness of Rosie's interest cute and funny.

Don decides Rosie is not right for him because she eats the wrong foods, has the wrong hair color, and smokes. We are supposed to think these are superficial criteria but have you ever kissed a smoker? It's like kissing an ashtray.

During their dinner Don learned that Rosie's mother was such a whore that Rosie had no idea who her father was.

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