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Rebecca "Bex" Porter is an American studying in Oxford. She is a gold digging social climber looking for someone famous to dig her hooks into. Of course, she doesn't come out and say that, but what is she doing at Oxford anyway? When she graduates, she gets a job as a... greetings card illustrator. Yes, she goes to Oxford to become a greetings card illustrator. Obviously her real reasons for going to Oxford is to get an M.R.S. degree, if you know what I mean.

Bex has a twin sister named Lacey who is even wilder and even sluttier than Bex. Lacey is originally in America but she soon comes over to England to seduce some British royalty.

Bex can't get her hooks into Nick, the son of Prince Richard and the heir to the throne, initially, so she bides her time at Oxford by spreading her legs for Clive, a fellow student who is studying to be a journalist. But when Bex succeeded in bedding Nick, she thoughtlessly tosses her relationship with Clive into the garbage without explanation like he were a used sanitary tissue. Clive tells Bex that he had real feelings for her, but Bex doesn't care. She's whoring for royalty now.

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Bex likes how Nick smells and how his hands look. Yes, we are supposed to think body odor and hand size are what attracts her.

But Bex learns she has competition. Nick's father Prince Richard is pushing a girl named India onto Nick. Clive tells her that eventually Nick will dump her and bone India. Nick tells Bex that he used to bone India but it is over between them now. Bex, desperate to get her hooks into Nick, tells him she is in love with him and wants him to bone her. Yes, she says both these things. Bex agrees to have sex on the first date, realizing she has to get her hooks into Nick as quickly as possible. Bex spreads her legs, but you might say she's doing it for Queen and country, heh heh.

Bex learns that Nick's dad Prince Richard doesn't want her going out with Nick, he considers her low class.

Nick tells Bex that he had sex for the first time when he was 15 years old! He started copulating at a very young age. Did a pedophile get to him first? This is not clearly explained.

Bex's sister Lacey comes to England and before long she is being boned by Freddie, Nick's younger brother. The royal family cares a little less about Freddie boning an American because Freddie is not as directly in the line of succession to the throne as Nick is.

Meanwhile the media catches on that Nick is boning an American commoner, and from that moment on most of the story is about the press pursuing Bex. Bex is told she can't sleep overnight in royal accommodations because it look like Nick is boning her; however, Nick can continue to come to her apartment to copulate. This doesn't really make any sense, does it?

Bex graduates from Oxford and gets a job as a greetings card illustrator, obviously a placeholder until she can manipulate Nick into marrying her.

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