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Plot Summary Part 3

Bex realizes that Gemma is a lesbian. Therefore, as a lesbian, she couldn't really have been Nick's girlfriend. Of course, Bex conveniently overlooks the possibility that Gemma might be bisexual; some girls like to be boned just as well as they like their carpet munched.

Bex kisses Freddie and feels guilty about it. She's really starved for sex.

While Bex is having sex with all these men, her father dies. This is a plot device to reunite Nick and Bex. Nick shows up to give her comfort. He bones Bex, giving her hot sympathy sex, and they reunite.

They spent literally days in bed, having sex over and over to make up for the lack of copulation over the last two years.

Nick claims he had no idea Gemma was a lesbian but the fact that she wouldn't let him bone her should have been a clue. Why would Gemma agree to date him if she were a lesbian? Maybe Gemma was trying to use Nick to get to the Queen so she could much her highness's carpet, heh heh heh.

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Nick takes Bex to meet Emma, his retarded Mom. She's retarded, and says nothing. Then Nick asks Bex to marry him. Bex, seeing the flash of dollar signs in her eyes, agrees immediately.

Nick realizes he will have to disclose to the public that his Mom is a retard, otherwise when they see her at the wedding they will know she is retarded. But how can the British people not already known this? Emma has been out of public view for years; surely the investigating press would have revealed this long ago.

Nick wants his retarded Mom at the wedding because he thinks a tiny piece of her brain might still be functioning and understand what is going on. That's called wishful thinking, your highness.

Prince Richard still hates Bex, even though she is marrying Nick, and he lets Bex know it. This makes zero sense because Richard is supporting Bex's charity. Why would he do that if he hates her? And why would he go out of his way to be mean to his future daughter in law? It makes no sense.

Richard also tells Bex that he is angry that he has had to stay married to retarded Emma for 25 years because his mother, the queen, would not let him divorce her. Now we understand his bitterness; if you were forced to be married to a retard for 25 years, you'd probably be bitter too.

Lacey gets arrested for being in a car with cocaine which belongs to her latest boyfriend Tony. Bex uses her connections to get Lacey freed but Lacey will have to return to testify. Lacey is angry that she will be forced to return to testify and says that Bex has not done enough to help her. Bex basically tells Lacey that she is an ungrateful bitch.

Right before the wedding, Freddie kisses Bex and tells her that he wants to bone her. Bex is not interested in Freddie because he is lower in the line of succession and she doesn't want Lacey's leftover boyfriends.

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