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Plot Summary Part 4

But Lacey tells Clive the journalist that they kissed, Clive recorded her saying it, and now Clive is blackmailing her to spy on the royal family. Lacey admitted that she had sex with Clive. So both Lacey and Bex had sex with Clive, and both Lacey and Bex kissed Freddie.

Bex's  Mom asks Bex if the sex with Nick is enough for her, given her activities with other men. She just doesn't realize how slutty Bex really is.

Nick learns that Bex kissed Freddie and now it's right before the wedding and Nick has to decide whether to go through with the marriage to Bex.

Bex tells him that it was great that she kissed Freddie because kissing Freddie made her realize how much she loved Nick. Really. That's what she told him.

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And, incredibly, Nick believed her. He believed she kissed another guy to realize how much she loved him.

So the wedding is back on.

Oh, and Bex admits to getting boned by Clive. Nick decides to marry Bex a day early, to prevent her from having any more time to bone other guys. Lacey records Clive saying that he is going to expose Bex and Nick, and thinks that this recording somehow makes Clive discredited, and suddenly everyone is happy and everything is ok. (No, I don't understand this either.)

The end.

Literary Criticism:

This could have been an interesting book. But most of the story revolved around "The press is following me!" "The press is reporting this about me!" and "What do you think of the latest thing the press wrote about me?". That's the central storyline, and it's quite boring.

It would have been more interesting to have more competition for Nick's affection. Show several women trying to seduce him at the same time and show Bex battling the competition. It would have been even more interesting if Lacey were Bex's competition for Nick as well. That's where the drama could have been, showing Bex setting up situations to embarrass her competition while manipulating Nick to win his affection. Think "The Bachelor" mixed in with a little "Game of Thrones".

That could have made for an interesting first half of the book. Then the second half could have featured various members of Nick's family trying to sabotage the wedding and to turn Nick against Bex.

Because that's what drama is, watching people compete for affection and manipulating each other. But there was very little of that here. There were other girlfriends for Nick, but they were very peripheral players in the story.

Also, the fact that Bex was such an obvious gold-digger made it hard to sympathize with her. Her sister Lacey was even worse. It's hard to like a story with such unlikeable main characters.

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