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The book opens when Laurel is a child and she sees a man coming to visit her mom, Dorothy. The man calls Dorothy by name and Dorothy stabs and kills him. Later, when the police come, Dorothy claims the man was trying to kill her and Laurel backs her mom up. However, they both know that Dorothy killed this guy without any provocation.

Now here comes the retarded part. After the police leave, Laurel never says, "Hey Mom, why did you kill that guy?" And Dorothy never says, "Thanks for lying for me dear when I killed that man."

No, fast forward 30 years to when Dorothy is dying. The rest of the book is split 50/50, with flashbacks to World War II where we see Dorothy being boned by men and living the rich life, and the present where Laurel is trying to figure Dorothy out. Laurel's half of the book is mostly a waste of space, except at the end. The real story is in Dorothy's flashbacks.

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So in the beginning Dorothy (Dolly) was the daughter of a working class family. Her dad wanted her to work in a bicycle shop but Dolly would rather light her v_gina on fire than work in a factory. She looks down on blue-collar work.

Dolly had a boyfriend named Jimmy who loved to stare at the "swell of her breasts beneath her light cotton dress". Dolly took off her top and allowed Jimmy to take a photo of her nude breasts. Jimmy was very happy.

While Dolly's breasts get Jimmy sexually aroused, fancy clothes does the same for Dolly. She gets sexually excited, her breasts bobbing up and down, as she tries fancy clothes. Dolly desperately wants to be rich and upper class. Her father wants her to get a job in a bicycle factory but Dolly says "F that" and goes to London instead. She becomes the maid of a rich woman named Lady Gwendolyn who Dolly is convinced likes her so much that Dolly thinks that Lady G. will leave money to her in her will.

Meanwhile it is World War II and London is being bombed by German airplanes. Dolly finds this exciting. Did I mention that Dolly is crazy? More on that later.

So as I mentioned Dolly gets sexually aroused when she pretends to be rich. She persuades Jimmy to take her to a fancy party they were not invited to and to gain entrance by pretending to be rich friends of the people throwing the party. Dolly loved the red carpets and silk covered walls and waiters carrying drinks. She really is a social climbing bitch.

Dolly volunteers at a local food distribution center and she is fascinated with Vivien--fascinated because Vivien is wealthy and upper class.

So one thing that sexually arouses Dolly is rich people. But another thing that sexually arouses her is hearing Jimmy say that he will do anything for her. Every time she hears that he will be her obedient meat puppet, Dolly's v_gina gets wet. Don't believe me? Straight from the book: "To hear him say it, Dolly felt a string pluck deep down low within her belly".

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