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Stay away from crazy people. Look what happened to poor Vivien and Jimmy when they got mixed up with crazy Dolly. Jimmy almost got drowned and Vivien got estranged from her husband. Crazy people. They are not worth it. Stay away from them.


Don't let your girlfriend lead you around by your p_nis. Jimmy was an obedient little love slave to Dolly, and Dolly was an insane woman. She pressured Jimmy into doing her crazy blackmail revenge scheme which almost got Jimmy killed. Jimmy would not have let things get this far if he hadn't been a castrated little boyfriend who simply followed orders.


Bombs are not exciting. Bombs falling from the sky are not exciting. They are in fact dangerous.

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There is more to life than hanging around rich people. Imagine if Dolly had ignored the lure of high society and simply married Jimmy when he asked her to. She'd be happy with a husband who loved her and she could squeeze out a baby every 18 months. Instead, she died. All because she was obsessed with wealth and revenge.


If your Mom kills someone, don't wait 30 years to ask why. That's what Laurel did and she wasted a lot of time trying to figure it out. She should have demanded that Dolly tell her what was going on immediately after she killed Henry.


Money can give you orgasms. I was astonished in scene after scene when Dolly got sexually aroused by trying on fancy dresses or going to fancy parties. It reached a point where Dolly no longer needed a man to climax, all she needed was to rub a designer pocketbook against her thighs.

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