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Jill is married to Rob. She has him bone her repeatedly, squirting her repeatedly with his sperm, but she can't get pregnant. It turns out Rob has weak sperm. He kept pumping Jill's inside with his hot white fluid, but it had no potency in it. So Jill starts looking for other guys with more potent p_nises to bone her.

Rob actually tells her that she can divorce him and get another guy to bone her, but I don't think he meant for Jill to have another guy bone her while he was still married to her. But that's exactly what Jill ends up doing.

Meanwhile, Rob hasn't boned Jill in 6 months. One night she rubs against him with her cow-like breasts, but Rob does not react in a sexual way. She finally confronts him and asks Rob why he no longer puts his sterile p_nis in her fertile v_gina. Rob evades the question. But it is the last straw for Jill. Rob can't get her pregnant, and now she can't even get any recreational p_nis thrusting from him. She might as well be married to a lesbian.

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Rob's reluctance to have sex is puzzling. Obviously he's upset because he has weak sperm. But he still has the equipment to bone Jill. We are supposed to think he's too upset to bone his wife for six months. But we're talking about a guy. Even a sterile guy would bone his wife several times a week, if she weren't having her period.

Meanwhile, Jill's slutty friend Leigh tells Jill she is going to have an affair with a guy named Nick. Nick rhymes with Prick, heh heh. She has it all planned out. She's going to let Nick squirt his adulterous sperm into her for six weeks and then drop him. It will be a purely sexual and temporary affair.

Before long it happens. Nick takes Leigh home and rips off her clothes and bones her. Leigh loves it. She says Nick had so much stamina that they did it three times in one hour. It excites Leigh that she is cheating on her husband, and that Nick is cheating on his wife. What an adulterous slut!

Leigh let Nick bone her on the stairs and it was so rough she got carpet burns! Then she let him bone her on the bathroom countertop! Then she bent over on all fours like a cow and let Nick bone her from behind, like one dog making love to another! Leigh tells Jill that Nick's p_nis is very large and enjoyable.

Leigh says that Nick didn't use a condom but  assures her that he doesn't have AIDS. Heh heh.

Leigh says her husband Lawrence bores her now. She needs to get her exciting sex from other men, like Nick. What turns her on the most is to have sex without love.

Does this sound like any women you know? Most women want sex in the context of a relationship. Leigh is talking like a guy, and her actions are totally unbelievable. Most women are turned off by the idea of sex without love. We are supposed to believe that Leigh thrives on it.

Jill tries to seduce Rob in bed, uncovering a breast. Rob plays with her breast for a moment, then forgets all about it. "I freeze up, half sat up, with my breasts hanging out, while he goes to the kitchen." Heh heh heh. Sorry, that made me laugh.

That's the last straw for Jill. She meets a 49 year old Russian lifeguard named Andrey. Yes, there are 49 year old lifeguards. He claims to be a former olympic swimmer, but for Jill his main qualification is that (a) he has a big Russian p_nis and (b) he wants to use it on Jill.

Leigh claims that getting boned by Nick actually benefits her husband Lawrence, that their marriage is improved because of it.

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