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Jill: The main character. Her husband Rob has unmanly sperm so she can't get pregnant. She lets Andrey (see below) bone her so she can get laid. She also enjoys watching the blood ooze out of her v_gina when she's having her period, and squirting a turkey baster inside of there.


Rob: Jill's husband. When he finds out he has bad sperm, he stops boning Jill for 6 months. That causes her to search for other sources of p_nis. Rob is shocked to learn that Jill needs a steady supply of p_nis.


Andrey: The lifeguard who Jill let bone her. At first Jill was attracted to him, but she didn't like the thrust of his cock.


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Leigh: Jill's best friend. Leigh is getting boned by Neil (see below), Wendy's husband. Leigh is a real slut.


Lawrence: Leigh's husband. He is being cuckolded by Neil.


Wendy: Jill's other friend. Her husband Neil is boning Leigh. Meanwhile, Wendy has part of her v_gina sliced off in a science experiment.


Neil: Wendy's husband. He also sticks it into Leigh.

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