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By getting boned by another man, Leigh has become nicer to Lawrence and they bicker less. Lawrence should probably thank his wife for cheating on him, heh heh.

Then Jill does a very disgusting thing. While she's having her period, she lies in the bathtub and watches the blood ooze out of her v_gina and mix with the water. It's a very ugly scene to read about, and causes you to lose all sympathy for Jill. Or Carol Mason, the writer of this disgusting scene. Why doesn't she just wash herself out and put a tampon or a cork in there? She seems to revel in her menstrual blood, which is quite repulsive.

Jill's friend Wendy says that her doctor took some gooey mess from her v_gina and tested it and found out that Wendy has a v_gina sickness and needs more tests. Jill and Wendy enjoy talking to each other about their v_ginas.

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Jill asks Rob if he minds if she goes to a sperm bank and makes a withdrawal (withdrawal, heh heh). Rob does mind, a lot. This is kind of weird because on the one hand Rob tells Jill to divorce him and let another man bone her. But while he is married to her he doesn't want someone else's sperm in her. He says she can catch AIDS from it, heh heh.

Jill finally has enough of this equivocation and allows Andrey the 49 year old Russian lifeguard to bone her. She obediently goes back to his apartment and allows him to strip off her clothes and stick his thumb into her v_gina. Yes, he sticks his thumb up there. But Jill isn't happy because the thumb is moving too fast. Jill prefers slower moving thumbs in her v_gina.

Then Andrey pulls off her bra and sucks on her nipples, but it is too painful for Jill.

Then Andrey sticks his p_nis into Jill but her v_gina is so dry that it chafes and feels unpleasant.

Then in a few seconds he pumps her full of sperm. As he pulls out his sperm starts to trickle down her thigh. Hey, it's going in the wrong direction, heh heh.

Throughout this process Jill wanted to tell him to stop, but didn't. This makes no sense. If she didn't like it, why didn't she say something? The only reason I can think of is that part of her did like it.  I imagine this is why some women have sex with men and then later call it rape, because they decide during or after the sex that they have changed their mind about it. Jill is one f'ed up woman who one moment wants to be boned by Andrey and the next she doesn't.

Jill flees Andrey's apartment in such a crying mess that she leaves her phone and credit cards behind. She realizes this after she leaves but for some reason she is afraid to return for them. Andrey did not rape her, she could have safely retrieved her items, but as I have said, Jill is seriously f'ed up.

Jill whines that she feels like a prostitute who has been thrown to the curb. But it was Jill who asked for sex, and Jill who left so quickly after changing her mind in the middle of the sex act. What a crazy messed up bitch!

When Jill gets home, she dunks her v_gina in a hot bath because it is so sore from Andrey's thrusting p_nis. Then she got a prescription for the morning after pill, because Jill hadn't been on birth control when Andrey boned her.

Rob sees Jill in an upset state so Jill makes up a story about being mugged and having her phone stolen. Rob wants her to call the police and is suspicious when Jill refuses to.

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