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Plot Summary Part 4

Jill does but follows him like a stalker from day to day. Meanwhile she discovers she is pregnant from her encounter with Andrey, even though she took the "morning after" pill.

Jill goes to live with her parents. Her mother is a complete retard who doesn't recognize her. Her mother gets angry at her father when Jill comes because her Mom thinks Jill is her father's girlfriend.

Wendy tells Jill that Leigh and Neil are living together. Wendy also tells Jill that Neil has boned other women while they were married. One time Neil boned a waitress in a restaurant bathroom while Wendy waited for him at their table. She didn't say how much of a tip Neil gave the waitress afterwards, heh heh.

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Wendy gets a v_gina operation and Jill is there for her. Maybe she also should have gotten an operation to make her v_gina tighter so she could keep the next man she meets. Jill comforts Wendy, saying she will have plenty of vag left over when the operation is done. Wendy's keeping the part that bleeds so Wendy will not miss out on that great monthly experience.

Jill's bastard baby is born and her name is Hannah. Jill tells Rob about her bastard baby girl but this does not excite Rob, for some reason.

Jill pursues Rob but he is not interested.

Finally, in the last three pages of the book, Rob changes his mind. He wants to be the Dad for Jill's bastard daughter. He wants to look down on the face of the child who will forever remind him of Jill's adultery and unfaithfulness. Rob is excited about this now. There's no explanation for his radical change in attitude. The family goes home and lives happily ever after, at least until the next time Jill feels the need for some p_nis variety.

The End.

Literary Criticism:

This was a fairly unremarkable story about adultery. That the only really memorable scenes in the story--the scene where Jill bleeds from her v_gina in the bathtub, and the scene where she squirts a turkey baster into herself--were disgusting ones, shows us that the adultery and romance was fairly dull.

There is no real explanation as to why Jill suddenly changed her mind about being boned by Andrey. There is no real explanation as to why Rob suddenly agreed to be a parent to Jill's bastard child.

The biggest problem with the story is that there is no real exploration of relationships. Jill has no relationship with Andrey. We are told of Leigh's relationship with Neil but never see it firsthand. Most of the story was basically "I am sleeping with him, and he may find out about it", without giving us a sense of what any of the relationships were really like. Without showing us this emotional component, it's hard to care about any of the characters, especially Leigh, who was especially slutty.

And finally the plot was too simple. Girl meets boy, girl gets boned by boy, girl meets another boy, girl gets boned by another boy. That's basically it. The story is too simple, too straightforward, too generic, which is why it's not memorable.

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