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 There are certain obligations in marriage. If you get married, there is an implicit promise you are going to give your spouse a steady supply of p_nis or v_gina. If you don't, your spouse will get it somewhere else.


Some adulterers feel superior to others. Jill feels superior to Leigh because Jill has only committed adultery once. She feels that hers was more pure because it was on impulse and not planned, and that it was justified because Rob cut her off from p_nis. But really, both Jill and Leigh were adulterous whores.


Some guys don't mind being cuckolded. Rob was not happy to find out that Andrey had cuckolded him and impregnated Jill. But he grew to accept it and now, beaten down, will probably let other guys bone his wife and agree to stay home like an obedient castrated man and take care of the resulting babies.

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Some women celebrate their period by bleeding out in a bathtub.
Jill likes to watch her v_gina blood pour out of her in the bathtub. She's like a v_gina vampire.

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