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Jodi recalls the first time she met her sort-of husband Todd. Todd is her sort-of husband because while they've been living together for 20 years, they never got married.

Anyway, their cars crashed into each other and Todd called Jodi a bitch. Then he asked her out on a date. She accepted. This makes absolutely no sense until we find out that Jodi is also a psychologist, and psychologists, as we all know, tend to have something wrong with them, mentally speaking. Jodi liked Todd because of the way he wiped his knife on his bread. Really. I'm not making this up. In other words, she liked him for all the wrong superficial reasons.

Todd tells Jodi that he is going on a fishing trip this weekend. Jodi knows he doesn't go fishing, that he is going to bone some other woman, but as long as Todd doesn't confront her with the ugly truth, she is ok with it. I guess you could say they have an "open marriage", if they were married, that is.

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One time Jodi remembers when she was on vacation with Todd that he slipped away with some girl at the hotel and when he returned his bathing suit was a little off and he had sperm glistening on his chest hair. That turned her off because she didn't want to see evidence of his philandering.

Jodi accepts his cheating philosophically, that Todd is simply seeking out things he needs in life, and her v_gina isn't always one of them.

Todd remembers the first time he met Jodi when their cars crashed.  It was raining and her shirt was practically see through. Her breasts were small but her nipples were pointing out, which attracted him.

By the way, repeatedly in this story there are sessions between Jodi and her own psychologist (yes, Jodi, a psychologist, sees another psychologist--I told you that psychologists were crazy!) Anyway there is a drawn out drama where Jodi talks about her estranged brother Ryan. It is supposed to have some deep meaning for Jodi that tells us something vital about her personality but the passages were so dull and so removed from the essence of the story--her relationship with Todd--that they could not hold my attention. If the writer had wanted to do that, she should have made more of a direct connection with Todd; as it was written, it looks like a totally unrelated vignette having nothing to do with the main part of the story.

Jodi, a little turned off by Todd's latest philandering, lies around at home in a tight bikini with her legs widely spread to accentuate the availability of her v_gina. She lies topless to show off her little breasts. Her plan works because Todd bones her that night for the first time in a long time.

But Todd is also boning a college student named Natasha, who is the daughter of his friend Dean.

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