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Natasha seems to think that Todd promised to marry her son and dump Jodi. Then Natasha tells him she is pregnant. Todd asks if Natasha can have the baby's brain sucked out or the baby's body chopped into pieces by a friendly abortionist, and Natasha is offended by the suggestion. She insists Todd tell his wife immediately and leave her. In fact, Natasha has told her father, Dean, about Todd.

Dean tells Jodi. Jodi's response is to act completely normally when Todd comes home, act like nothing is wrong, and spike his drink with 11 sleeping pills. Then she acts really cool the next day, not showing any distress over the fact that Todd may be dead. Her total coolness is like that of a psychopath. When she discovers that Todd isn't dead, Jodi's only reaction is to think that 11 sleeping pills probably were not enough to kill him.

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But she still doesn't complain or let on that she knows about Natasha. Jodi acts like everything's completely normal.

Natasha forces Todd to buy her a condo and demands he move in with her. Todd realizes that he likes Jodi much better than Natasha when it comes to her personality--only the sex is better with Natasha. But he is trapped with Natasha because she is pregnant.

Natasha, seeing that Todd hasn't yet left Jodi, has the guts to call Jodi and tell her firsthand that Todd has bought her an apartment and is leaving her. She even says that Jodi can consider herself an "Aunt" to Todd and Natasha's baby, and can come and visit them sometimes. Heh heh heh. This line made me laugh a lot.

Jodi's only reaction is a mild one, asking Natasha not to call her. Again, Jodi acts like a robot, as if this has no emotional effect on her. In fact, aside from her attempt to kill Todd, Jodi has shown no emotional reaction at all.

Jodi pretends to know nothing about this until Todd comes home and tells her he is moving out the next day, with no notice. Then she tries to smack him but doesn't try very hard, showing emotion for only the second time (the first being when she tried to kill him).

Natasha forces Todd to get an identical armband tattoo with her, to mark him like a slave or a piece of cattle branded by its owner.

Jodi realizes that since she never married Todd, she is not entitled to anything in their divorce. In fact, since they never got married, there is no divorce to be had. Jodi gets notified that she is expected to move out of Todd's apartment in 30 days. I think this makes her more unhappy than finding out that Todd had boned and impregnated another woman! Jodi really liked her apartment.

Jodi invites Todd over for dinner to talk.

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