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[Before I start this summary, just a warning: this is a VERY funny book in parts. I laugh out loud hysterically, and you'll know when it happens. Don't let that distract you too much.]

Pat Peoples is a retard in an insane asylum.  His Mom comes and fishes him out of the looney bin and takes him home. Pat is obsessed with his ex-wife Nikki. He exercises many hours a day because he thinks Nikki will be sexually aroused by a muscular body. But he's deluded because Nikki never wants to see him again.

When he gets to his parent's home, Pat spends hours every day exercising and going on runs, as if having a muscular body will get Nikki back. He doesn't realize that she rejected him because he's a retard. Actually, Pat is not just a retard, he's an extremely violent retard.

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Pat goes to see a psychiatrist named Cliff Patel.  He talks about "apart time". He believes that Nikki, his wife, wants a few months of "apart time", and after that Pat will be free to be with her again. That's one of Pat's delusions. He doesn't realize that he has already spent years in "apart time" in the looney bin and that Nikki wants nothing to do with him.

MAJOR THEME TIME: Pat feels his life is like a movie, where things start out with difficulty, and it looks like success is unlikely, but the story always ends with a happy ending.

Cliff is a very friendly therapist. He's Indian, which we are reminded of like 5000 times in this book. After hearing how crazy Pat is, he tells Pat that he will be radically increasing the number of mind control pills Pat takes, because Cliff is convinced that Pat is (a) very crazy and (b) quite dangerous.

The next time Pat sees Cliff, Cliff asks Pat if he likes his new mind control pills, heh heh heh, sorry I have to stop a moment because I am laughing so hard!!!!

Ok, I'm better now. Pat says he likes his new mind control pills, even though he is spitting some of them out.

Pat finds out that he has been in the insane asylum for four years. He is shocked to find out so much time has passed.

Pat goes crazy and gets violent. Cliff decides to increase his mind control pills even more. He's giving so many pills that Pat will become sleepy, like a zombie, heh heh heh. And Cliff says that if Pat becomes violent again, he'll be sent back to the insane asylum.

Pat is invited to dinner with his friend Ronnie and his wife Veronica. Pat is so retarded that he shows up for dinner wearing a football uniform. At the dinner Pat meets Veronica's sister, Tiffany.  Guess what? Tiffany is a retard too! Ronnie is trying to do matchmaking, to match up the retarded Pat with the retarded Tiffany. Perhaps together, they can make a retarded baby!

Tiffany tells Pat that she thinks he looks at her like he wants to bang her. She thinks Pat is a real retard for wearing a football uniform to dinner, but offers to let Pat bone her.

Pat says he can't bone her because he believes he is still married to Nikki. They both cry together like real retards, and then Pat goes home.

Pat talks to Cliff his therapist about Tiffany. He says that Tiffany is a real slut. Hahahaha. Sorry, I am laughing so hard it is hard to type.

Ok, I can type again now.

Cliff asks what Pat means.

Pat says, "I mean she's sort of a whore."


I have to calm down!

But this is such a funny book!

Cliff says that maybe Tiffany wants sex with Pat because she wants a friend, and thinks the way to make Pat her friend is to let Pat bone her. Have you ever heard of anything more ridiculous?

But Pat likes the explanation and it gives him a way to be friends with Tiffany without betraying Nikki, who he believes he is still married to.

Pat runs several miles a day, wearing a garbage bag. Tiffany follows him, like a dog in heat. She finally wears Pat down and he asks her out to dinner.

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