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Insanity is inheritable. Liz's mom is clearly insane, deluded into believing that she is a successful songwriter, complete with a boyfriend, when in reality none of those things are real. As the book progresses Liz starts to go crazy too, hearing voices in her head and then she tries to kill herself. That's because insanity is genetic. When they discovered she was crazy, Liz's mom should not have been allowed to breed. They should have put a cork in her down there and big keep out signs.


Some guys want to bone little girls. Some guys like Maddox like to bone young girls. I'm not sure why. Girls don't have breasts and don't have hairy things down there. I don't see the entertainment value in it.

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It's easy to murder people in small towns. Apparently you can murder anyone in a small town and likely get away with it, according to this story. You can shoot someone and later claim you thought he was a bear, even though people look nothing like bears, if you believe the highly unlikely and sloppy ending this story closes with. This ending was so ridiculous that they might as well have had Maddox abducted by aliens and subjected to a large anal probe. That's about as believable as the Uncle getting away with murder by claiming Maddox looked like a bear.

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