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This is so ridiculous.

Anyway, thirty seconds later Ismay's husband Daniel conveniently dies in a car crash so that is that. But at least we know who Maya's parents were--although we still don't know why Maya's mother killed herself, or why Maya's mother left Maya at the bookstore. If you want the answers to these questions you'll have to hold your breath a long time, because they don't come in this book.

This whole data dump comes and goes very quickly in two pages, without any warning or buildup. It doesn't feel like a natural or organic part of the story.

Meanwhile, Maya gets older and writes a story about a girl who gets pregnant accidently and then drowns herself in the river--just like Maya's mother! Maya's disguised biography that has exactly zero orginality wins a prize. Everyone is so proud! Maya wants to be a writer when she grows up. Do you think she could actually write something original?

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Anyway, with Daniel out of the way, chief of police Lambiase starts dating Ismay. Ismay demands they have sex on the first date, which you have seen is quite typical in this novel. After Lambiase fills Ismay's v_gina with his law and order sperm, he notices the Tamerlane, the priceless book that was stolen from AJ, sitting in her home.

Lambiase decides not to arrest her for theft because the sex was so good, but he does ask about the book. Ismay confesses that when Daniel's lover, Marian Wallace, came to her, Ismay wanted her to go away. So Ismay stole the Tamerlane and gave it to Marian, telling her it was worth a lot of money and she could take it if she just disappeared. Unfortunately, when AJ reported the book stolen, Marian couldn't sell it, so she came back to the Island and killed herself, for some reason we never learn. And right before she killed herself she returned the book to Ismay and dropped the baby off at the bookstore.

Meanwhile, AJ discovers he has brain cancer. Lambiase persuades Ismay to return the book so AJ can sell it so he can pay to have doctors cut open his head and remove the brain cancer. Ismay agrees and the book is sold for $70,000.

There's a very odd scene where Amelia talks to AJ about his impending brain surgery. She asks him if the surgery makes him into a retard, if she can still have sex with him. AJ agrees. It's a very odd scene.

Anyway, AJ has his brain cut open but they are unable to remove his cancer.

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