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Plot Summary Part 2

He is emotionally attracted to her, and she to him. They tell each other their greatest hopes and fears, things Babe has never told her husband.

Paley had married Babe because she knew a lot of rich people she could introduce him to. Paley was Jewish so felt excluded from certain country clubs, but felt by boning Babe he could get access to at least one Christian place he was excluded from, heh heh.

But Paley didn't actually bone Babe very much, he was too busy making love to other women. One time he even asked Truman to set him up with a woman so he could bone her. Truman, who considered himself a good friend to Babe, was outraged to be asked to help Paley commit adultery, but after thinking about it convinced himself that helping Paley bone other women was actually good for Babe, and he tried to help Paley insert his p_nis into other womens' groins.

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One time Paley bones a woman called "Slim" during her period, and she gets all his sheets bloody with the red river rushing from her v_gina. Babe comes home to find her husband snoozing in bloody sheets, heh heh heh. This was the funniest scene in the book.

One time after Paley boned another woman, Truman came over and brought flowers to Babe, knowing she would be upset. Babe was grateful for the flowers. She raises the idea of having an affair with Truman, but Truman says he is only interested in making love to the asses of men.

This confuses me a little bit, actually a lot, in two respects: first of all, what can be so attractive about the asses of men? It's all filled with shit, which smells bad. Secondly, if Truman is attracted to ass-sex, why can't he have ass-sex with Babe? Does being homosexual mean he is interested in ass-sex generally, or only with men? This story does not make that clear.

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