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Plot Summary Part 3

Truman takes Babe to see the movie Pinocchio. To him the movie symbolizes his relationship with his mother. Because Truman is a homo he didn't feel like a real son to her, just as Pinocchio was not a real boy. Also, Pinocchio had a long nose like a p_nis. Just my observation.

After the movie, Truman strips down to his underwear and has Babe do the same. Then they sleep together. This is the closest Truman can come to having sex with a woman. For Truman, having sex with a woman is like sticking his dick in a meat grinder--something he really has no interest in.

Truman calls Babe "Mama" and asks her to tell him a story. He has regressed to childhood because he never had a real mother. He acts really mentally ill and Babe enables him by treating him like a little boy. I think his homo tendencies are tied into it because little boys are not sexually interested in women and so maybe Truman became homo because he didn't want to grow up.

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Truman publishes a supposedly fictional story about the lives of the rich and famous which all his "Swans" recognize as being about them. One of the "Swans" he wrote about killed herself after reading his story. Truman gets blamed for that.

Suddenly they all hate his guts and refuse to talk to him anymore.

Babe gets cancer, and slowly starts to die. She is angry Truman wrote his tell-all story but she still misses him.

They meet one more time by accident and Truman told her that he wrote the tell-all story for her benefit, which is total bullshit. But even more astounding, Babe thanks him for doing so and tells her friends that rather than Truman betraying them, they had betrayed Truman by not loving him enough.

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