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Plot Summary Part 4

This is totally, totally ridiculous and makes no sense. Basically, Babe is so needy that she will put up with whatever shit Truman throws at her.

Babe gets sicker and right before she dies asks for Truman. But he is not around to abuse her. She dies.

Then Truman dies, and right before he dies he asks for Babe, but she is already dead.

So they loved each other. Not in the p_nis-v_gina sense, but in the emotional friend-zone sense.

How touching!

How cliche!

The end.

Literary Criticism:

There really wasn't much to this story. Truman Capote was a flaming homosexual friend to a bunch of high society women. They loved him. Then he wrote a tell-all story about him, and they hated him. That's the story. There simply wasn't much too it. There was emphasis on the emotional connection between Truman, a homosexual, and Babe, a heterosexual woman. I got it. But I didn't need 300 pages of it to get it.

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This entire book would have fit into a short story. For filler, the author name drops dozens of different celebrities, spends a lot of time talking about shopping, hair, makeup, and high society. That makes it book-length, but not a book.

It would have been more interesting if Babe had turned Truman into a heterosexual. Or if Truman had been a gay pimp and turned Babe into a lesbian prostitute. Or if Truman tied up William Paley in his basement, chopped off his nuts, baked them in a pie, and fed them to his "swans". That would have been interesting.

This story, much less so.

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