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There are a lot of names for homosexuals! Truman gets called a little fag and a little queen and a fairy and other names, all because he likes to put his p_nis inside the asses of other men. And the people who call him these names are his friends! Do Truman's friends like him personally but are repelled by his ass-loving behaviors? Or are terms like "little queen" meant to be terms of endearment?


Some men like to bone women on their periods. I was astonished to read that William Paley boned a woman while she was bleeding from her v_gina. What a bloody mess! Wouldn't that be like sticking your p_nis into a gunshot wound? Who would want to do that?

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Some women will let their husband shit all over them. I was also astonished to find that Babe was content to be married to a guy who was sticking his p_nis into every v_gina in town except hers. Why would she consent to such a thing? And yet there are women who do. I guess some women are gold-diggers who are content to let their husbands fool around as long as they can live a rich life.


Some women will let their homosexual friends shit all over them. Truman writes a tell-all which ruins Babe's life and she thanks him for it and defends him to her swan friends. She's like a battered wife defending her spouse every time he hits her. Babe is so emotionally attached to Truman that if he squatted over her and shat on her, she'd say it was raining chocolate.


Kids with f'ed up moms are more likely to be homosexual. The book constantly reminds us that Truman didn't have a mom growing up and that he calls Babe "Mommie" and she calls him "Little Boy". Truman also says that he is like Pinocchio because he is not a real man. I think the author is trying to connect his lack of a real mother (or father) to his homosexuality, to tell us that if Truman had had a real mother and father growing up, he might not have decided to make love to the asses of other men and preferred v_ginas like most other guys do.


Homosexuals are great friends for women. Another theme of this story is that homosexual men make great friends for women. When men and women become friends, there is tension because the man wants to bone the woman. But when a woman befriends a homosexual, there is no such tension because the woman can be secure in knowing the homosexual is only interested in men's asses. So this is a "safe" friend. In addition, the homosexual friend is interested in girl-stuff, and so makes the perfect, platonic friend.

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