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Plot Summary Part 3

Evil Forest, claiming to be a ghost speaking through a village elder, orders the wife beater to apologize to his wife and take her home, appalling the wife's family. But remember, Evil Forest is evil.

There's some weird language in this book. In a wedding ceremony it is written that a crowd cheered as the bride appeared "holding a cock in her right hand". Again I don't know if this is a rooster or her husband's p_nis. Then musicians started playing and we are told that they "are all gay".  Gay, happy, or gay, the other thing....? Not explained. Okonkwo dropped by and gave the bride two cocks. Heh heh heh. Sorry, I can't stop laughing.

During a village ceremony Okonkwo accidently kills someone with his gun. I don't know how you accidently kill someone with a gun but it seems Okonkwo was just shooting it around in every direction and didn't seem to notice when he killed a fellow village. He was found guilty of murder but it was a "female" or lesser murder. Yes, female is a word for lesser here. For his crime Okonkwo and his family are banished from the village for seven years.

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All Okonkwo's best friends come over to his home to burn it down and drive him out of town. Okonkwo goes to the village of his mother and camps there for seven years.

Okonkwo bitches about being driven out of town but his relative tells him to stop complaining, that everyone has problems. The relative tells him that five of his six wives are gone and all he has left is one teenager. Even worse, he lost all his yams. Now that's a disaster, to be yamless.

Okonkwo learned that a white man riding a horse came to a nearby town. The villagers killed him without provocation and chained the horse to the tree, so the horse would not be able to tell anyone what had happened. Yes, they thought the horse could talk. Then more white people came to town and burned the whole town down. Now people are rethinking their "kill white people on sight" policy.

White missionaries come to town. A growing number of villagers become Christians, including Okonkwo's son Nwoye. Okonkwo wants to kill Nwoye for switching religions, so Nwoye wisely stays away from dad.

The missionaries say the African gods of wood and stone are fake gods, and that there is only one god. The missionaries want a piece of land to build a church and the villagers give them permission to build it on the "Evil Forest" thinking the "Evil Forest" will kill them. Well, they build the church on the Evil Forest and guess what, it doesn't kill them, which leads villagers to think that white people are immune to the Evil Forest. Heh heh heh.

More and more villagers become Christians. The missionaries gave them free towels if they became Christians. The free towel policy persuaded a lot of them to do so. Imagine, something as simple as a free towel persuaded Africans to become Christians.

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