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There is a barbecue with three couples: Tiffany and Vid (I'm guessing Vid is a man), Clementine and Sam, and Oliver and Erika. At the barbecue Erika says that she has tried to get pregnant 11 times using IVF.

What's IVF? IVF is a method of artificial insemination where doctors stick an especially large and painful needle inside a woman to suck out her eggs. Then the woman's husband is given porno magazines and a test tube and is told to masturbate into the test tube. Then the woman's eggs and the guy's sperm are mixed together in an egg beater and the woman is strapped down to a table and the gooey mess is squirted into her v_gina. To do it 11 times is highly unusual and Sam must be very sore from beating off his p_nis so often, heh heh.

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Erika says that there is something wrong with her eggs. Maybe they're all scrambled! Erika wants Clementine to give Erika some of her eggs so Oliver can spray them with his sperm and then implant them in Erika's v_gina.

Clementine is not sure if she likes this idea or not. Erika has some "literature" to show her, presumably complete with photos of a woman strapped down to a table and a guy beating off into a test tube. Erika tells Clementine that she can "pull out" at any time, but really Oliver is the only one who can "pull out" "in time", heh heh. Basically, Erika is asking Clementine to let her a strange man impregnate her. How sick is that?

But Clementine agrees. She feels she owes Erika something. But she won't say what she owes Erika or why. There is an enormous cock tease for the next 200 pages where it is constantly teased that Erika is owed something but it is not explained why.

Clementine is a sexy lady. She frequently has the same dream of boning a strange man (not her husband) in an opera house while her kids watch and take notes.

Clementine decides she wants the doctors to cut her open, she "wants them to remove a piece of herself and hand it over to Erika". How sick is that? She feels she owes Erika because.... (cock tease for another 190 pages before you find out why).

Erika gets upset because even though Clementine agrees to do it, she overheard saying how the idea disgusts Clementine and that she can't bear the idea of a child looking like her own kids coming out of Erika's furry snatch.

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