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Erika's mom is a hoarder. She refuses to through anything out. She has so much crap in her house that you can't even see the carpet.  This pisses Erika off. There was so much crap that her Mom's house even had rats. Squeak, squeak! Heh heh heh.

When Erika was a kid she had a lock put on the door of her bedroom so her Mom couldn't dump her junk in there. How nutty is that?

When Erika tries to throw out a banana peel and an old tuna sandwich, her Mom goes nuts.

Tiffany reveals that she used to be a dancer. Which means she used to be a stripper. Which means that she used to give lap dances to men. But she never slept with her customers like a prostitute, except for the one time she slept with her customer like a prostitute. The guy she slept with, Andrew, she sees around sometime with his wife Lisa. Tiffany feels guilty about it. She never told Vid that she let Andrew bone her, but Vid somehow knew. But Vid didn't mind. Vid is such a pussy.

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Sam says he doesn't care if Clementine gives her eggs to Erika, essentially he doesn't mind if another man bones her wife's eggs. He's basically lost interest in anything that comes out of Clementine's v_gina and she knows it. Clementine and Sam no longer enjoy having sex, they do it like an obligation. They feel they have to rush it and be very quiet, otherwise the kids will hear their moans of sexual pleasure and wonder what the F is going on in there. Clementine is upset that Sam doesn't try to bone her very much. She feels like a car that used to be fancy but no one wants to drive anymore.

Ok, it's 200 pages later and finally we find out what Clementine is feeling guilty about. Her daughter Ruby nearly drowned in a fountain because Clementine and Sam were not watching her. Erika was the one to discover Ruby and save her life. So because Erika saved Ruby, Clementine feels obligated to spread her legs and let Erika take whatever she likes in there.

That's it. That's the big reveal. That's the big secret of this book. Thanks for making us wait 200 pages for it.

Clementine and Sam feel very guilty for not watching Ruby closely. They moan and blame themselves. Sam says he wants to divorce Clementine. He definitely isn't interested in her v_gina anymore.

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