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Erika has a memory blackout during the time she rescued Ruby from the fountain. We spend another 200 pages dicking around before Erika remembers what happened during the memory blackout, so I will simply tell you now. An old guy named Harry who lived next door saw Ruby drowning, so he waved his hands wildly at Erika so she would notice. That's it. That's the big secret for the next 200 pages that Erika tries to remember over and over.

Harry dies going down the stairs on the way to save Ruby, so he's very dead.

Clementine goes to give speeches to mothers to warn them to watch their kids around water fountains so they don't drown. I'm not kidding.

Oliver finds out that Erika is a thieving nut. He finds a room full of things that Erika has stolen from Clementine over the years. She is a hoarder, like her mother, but even worse, she is a thieving hoarder. Oliver doesn't mind the hoarding but really doesn't like the stealing.

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He is so turned off by her nuttiness that he no longer wants to spray Clementine's eggs with his sperm and then squirt it into Erika.

Erika tells Clementine that they no longer need her eggs but doesn't explain it is because Oliver has found out that Erika is a nutjob. Clementine is understandably confused.

Sam thinks about why sex with Clementine has gotten so bad. He realizes they never talk about it and analyze the good parts like Sam did with some other chick he used to bone. Sam's previous girlfriend asked him how he liked to have his dick sucked during sex, and Sam appreciated that level of customer service.

Sam is a little nutty too. While doing a CPR exercise on a dummy he starts crying on the dummy. A dummy is crying on a dummy! The CPR exercise reminds him of how Ruby almost drowned. He feels guilty that he was having sexual thoughts about Tiffany while Ruby was drowning.

Oliver has a great idea. Instead of masturbating into a test tube and squirting it on Erika's eggs, he thinks, why don't they adopt a foster kid with really, really angry personality problems?
Really. This is exactly what Oliver wants to do. He thinks the hardship of raising an unpleasant kid will be great. It's almost like he wants to be punished.

Erika thinks it's a great idea too.

Holly is Ruby's sister.

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