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Nuttiness is a sexual turnoff. Sam is willing to jerk off into a test tube to create a baby but once he finds out that Clementine is a mentally ill thief, he loses all interest in reproducing.


Prostitutes think sex for money is just like dancing. Tiffany says she was a "dancer", even though she was a dancer who took off her clothes for money and slept with one of her private clients. Prostitutes like to call themselves dancers but curiously enough dancers never like to call themselves prostitutes. I wonder why?


Some men lose interest in sex with the same woman. Sam has lost interest in sex with Clementine. I guess when you drill the same well for 20 years it eventually becomes dry. They never talk about going to a sex therapist. Maybe they could do role playing (like doctor and nurse) or wear masks or dye their pubic hair an exciting color. This is never explored as an option.

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Some people like to feel guilty and like to be punished. Clementine seems to enjoy feeling guilty for not paying attention to Ruby. She likes the idea of being cut open to have her eggs removed, she feels like it is a punishment she will enjoy. And then Oliver wants to adopt a kid with a bad personality and you get the feeling that he wants to have unpleasantness in his life too, just because. Maybe if the sex with Clementine were better he wouldn't feel the need to do crazy things like that.

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