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Plot Summary Part 1

In the late 1800's Fanny is separated from her husband Sam because he has been sticking his dick into other women. She takes her three kids to Paris, but one of them dies on the way there. While in Paris she meets Bob Stevenson. She is still busy measuring his hands to determine p_nis size when Bob's cousin Louis, as in Robert Louis Stevenson, shows up, and cockblocks Bob. After only knowing Fanny for a day he tells her he is in love with her.

Fanny, thinking correctly that Louis is a retard with serious emotional issues, nonetheless allows him to woo her.

Louis meets with his Dad, who has been supporting Louis financially. He paid for Louis to go to law school but Louis won't practice law. He feels like Louis is a real son of a bitch. Louis says he wants to be a writer, but can't make any money at it.

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Louis recalls the first girl he had sex with. And then the second and the third and the forth. He was a regular customer at brothels and boned a lot of whores.

By page 97 Louis is boning Fanny, getting into her pants. There is zero description of their physical intimacy, only that Fanny felt "stunned" afterwards. Nancy Horan is a great writer, isn't she? Not.

In their second sex scene, Louis "gawks" at Fanny's breasts, and moved in "rhythm" with her. From the sparse description, they might as well have been dancing.

Louis says that if Fanny will marry him, he will support them... on his father's allowance. How retarded is that? He's like a little child. Then we are told that he invites them out to dinner using a "gay" voice.

After that he takes Fanny's kids out for "bouts of gay sightseeing" in Paris. Does Louis really take the kids to the leather district to show guys with pierced nipples tonguing each other? The story does not elaborate. Is Louis bisexual? More on that later.

They go to a restaurant and Louis goes crazy, smashing a wine bottle against a wall. Fanny realizes once again that Louis is a retard, but now that she has sampled his p_nis, she is hooked.

Meanwhile, Fanny's husband Sam comes to visit Fanny in Paris. He wants to reconcile with her but Fanny can't get past the erotic image of Sam's p_nis in other womens' v_ginas. Her lady spy network tells her that Sam has been boning women left and right since she went to Paris.

Sam takes Fanny and the kids to a zoo full of black people in cages. If you believe this book, Paris in the 1800's had black people in zoos.

Sam tries to reconcile with Fanny. Fanny said he should enjoy their separation, because it gives him the freedom to bone his whores. She calls them whores, though Fanny does not honestly know if Sam pays for the sex or not.

Despite her reluctance, Fanny agrees to go back to America with Sam to rekindle their marriage.

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