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Louis: Louis is Robert Louis Stevenson, the author of Treasure Island. He's an immature brat, who until he gets famous lives off his dad, Robert. He is called Louis so people won't think he's Robert. He's a very sick guy, vomiting blood throughout the book.


Robert: Louis's Dad. He gives Louis a lot of money so he can be a playboy. He wants Louis to get a real job but Louise tells Dad to keep writing him checks and otherwise go F himself.


Bob: Louis's cousin. Almost bones Fanny, but Louis cockblocks him.


Fanny: Louis's wife. She has two kids from a previous marriage, and when she meets him she is still married to her first husband Sam. She puts up with all of Louis's shit, especially his sickness, and basically spends her life as his nurse, cleaning up the blood. Late in the book she goes crazy and they have to tie her down. Fanny is slang for "ass", by the way.

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Sammy: Sammy is Fanny's son. This confused me for a while because Fanny is married to Sam, but they are two different people. It gets even more confusing because when Sammy learns that Sam has been boning other women, he changes his name to Lloyd. Not making this up.


Sam: Sam is Fanny's first husband. Sam bones a lot of women, which upsets Fanny, who thought she had exclusivity rights on Sam's cock.


Henley: Henley has some kind of writer's magazine in London. He's Louis's friend for a while until he accuses Fanny of plagiarism, then they hate each other's guts.


Belle: Fanny's daughter. I don't know if it's pronounced "Bell" or "Belly", but "Belly" is much funnier, heh heh. Belle and Sammy come along for the ride to watch their mom Fanny bone Louis while she's still married to their dad.

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