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Some women liked marrying sick guys. Fanny knew that Louis was a very sick man, and yet married him anyway. She spent her entire life mopping up his blood and living in unpleasant places to suit him. Some women are into that.


Women channel grief through sex with young men. When Louis dies, Fanny was so devastated that she ran into the arms of a man 40 years younger than her. His youthful sex drive gave Fanny the sexual healing she needed.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is the story of homosexual impulses some guys have. Did you know that? I didn't, but this book insists that it is. This book claims that the Hyde story is about the secret desire some men have to squirt themselves in other men's' asses. It's been some years since I read this story, but I don't remember anything like that happening. Perhaps when I read it in school I read a special PG rated version that omitted the part about the ass-sex.

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