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Plot Summary Part 1

Jacob is finishing veterinarian school and is about to take his final exams when he finds out his parents died in a car crash. And they didn't leave him any money. He is so upset that he doesn't take his final exams. He runs off and, by random chance, joins the circus, becoming the vet for a small traveling circus.

Jacob shares a train cabin with a dwarf named Kinko, who is also named Walter. Kinko doesn't like sharing his cabin with Jacob. He likes to read pornographic Popeye cartoon books showing Olive Oyl being boned by Popeye. Kinko likes to rub his p_nis while reading his comic books and resents having Jacob there to watch him rub the "slick purple head" of his tiny dwarf p_nis.

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Jacob works for a madman named August. August gets angry with Jacob and so instructs Jacob to feed the lion. August knows this isn't safe to do and so when Jacob gets bit by the lion he learns August did this on purpose because August can be a very angry guy. But when August calmed down he invited Jacob over for a fancy dinner with his wife Marlena as a way to say he's sorry. Jacob learns that August has a split personality--one moment he can be nice, the next enraged.   In other words, he's NUTS.

One of Marlena's horses is very sick and has to be executed. But because the circus is so poor, they feed the body of Marlena's beloved horse to the lions. This upsets Marlena.

The circus gets an elephant named Rosie. But the elephant apparently does not perform any tricks.

Jacob gets drunk and a pair of circus whores sexually molest him. One rubs his p_nis through his pants while another puts his hands on her breasts. Jacob is such a retard that he does not know what to do. Another whore presses Jacob's other hand against her v_gina. Jacob still doesn't know what to do. He acts like a total retard.

There are pages of description of the whores grabbing Jacob's p_nis and balls and rubbing it like a magic lamp, to no effect. And then one starts sucking on his p_nis.

Anyway Jacob is drunk and he vomits on one of the circus whores, then he passes out. When he wakes up he finds himself wearing clown makeup. Jacob feels very upset because a circus whore sucked on his p_nis.

Actually, while Jacob feels "disgrace" about this for pages and pages, I don't know why he's so upset. A circus whore sucked on his p_nis. What's the problem? Sorry, I don't get it. He's really uptight.

Kinko the masturbating dwarf becomes friends with Jacob, and invites Jacob to call him by his real name, Walter the masturbating dwarf.

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