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Plot Summary Part 2

He even invites Jacob to read his masturbation comics. Jacob reads a comic while inviting Walter to suck his p_nis to cement their newfound friendship.

Just kidding! No, he doesn't do that.  I just wanted to see if you were still reading closely.

Anyway, instead of masturbating with Walter the dwarf, Jacob kisses Marlena. Now, that's a dangerous thing to do because August is a homicidal maniac, and if he finds out, he will probably kill both of them. So begins the tension in the book, the love triangle between August and Jacob and Marlena which is the MAIN THEME OF THIS STORY.

Every time August sees Jacob he hints that he knows about the two of them, creating dramatic tension.

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Matters get even more tense when Marlena tells Jacob that his affections are not one sided, that she'd love it if he boned her too. Maybe Jacob should practice more with the circus whores, just in case.

When Rosie the elephant drinks lemonade, Uncle Al, the owner of the circus, deducts the lemonade from August's pay. In a rage, August whips and beats the elephant.

August is also angry the elephant can't do any tricks. Jacob learns that the elephant does tricks, if you talk to the elephant in Polish. Once August learns that, everything changes.

The elephant becomes part of the circus act. The circus gets a lot of visitors, and a lot of money. August becomes very nice to the elephant, and to Jacob. Even Uncle Al, the circus owner, becomes nice to everyone.

But Jacob cannot forgive August for beating the elephant. He knows August can go crazy again at any time. Jacob is hailed for saving the circus. The circus was running out of money because of the costs of feeding the elephant, and was about to go out of business, but now that the elephant is performing all is well again. August buys Jacob a gold watch to thank him which makes Jacob uncomfortable because he still hates August and wants to bone his wife.

Marlena plans a surprise party for August with Jacob but when August arrives he thinks, erroneously, that he's interrupting a romance between Jacob and Marlena. He beats up Marlena while circus folk restrain Jacob.

Marlena says she is leaving August.

But there is a complication. Uncle Al wants Marlena to get back together with August to keep him a happy, productive employee, and doesn't care if August beats her.

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