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Plot Summary Part 3

He demands that Jacob help Marlena reconcile with August and says if he doesn't, that Jacob's friends Kinko/Walter and another guy named Camel will be tossed off the train.

Jacob agrees to help and stalls for time. He goes to Marlena and she orders him to touch her breasts.

"Her breasts are small and round, like lemons."

Lemons! That's not very attractive. Well, if all you've got are lemons, I guess all you can do is make lemonade, right?

"I cup them, running my thumbs over them and feeling her nipples contract...."

"Please," she says, "Let me be inside you."

How romantic!

Somehow, we make it to the bed. When I finally sink into her, I cry out.

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Jacob bones Marlena and her lemony breasts twice more in the upcoming weeks, as August tries to reconcile with her and fails. He gets a surprise when Marlena tells Jacob that she is no longer bleeding from her v_gina. Evidently he stuck his p_nis in too far because Jacob has put a baby into her.

Meanwhile Uncle Al's patience runs out and he has Jacob's friends Camel and Kinko the masturbating dwarf thrown from the train. He has them thrown off the train as the train goes over a bridge over a high valley. Both are killed. We are never told if Kinko was masturbating one last time as he was thrown off the train.

This I don't understand. Why does Al purposefully try to murder employees he no longer needs? Why not just toss them off the train at a regular stop? This makes zero sense. And yet we are told that Al murders employees he wants to get rid of all the time. This is the hardest plot point to understand.

People murder for political reasons, for money, for passion. They seldom murder to get rid of unwanted employees. It makes no sense, and makes the entire story unbelievable.

Anyway, some circus employees are upset about the murdered masturbating dwarf and plan to kill Uncle Al.

During a circus performance something goes wrong. The animals get loose and there is a stampede. Rosie the elephant cuts off August's head. Uncle Al is killed by one of the circus people.

The circus dissolves.

Jacob marries Marlena, gets possession of Rosie the elephant and a few other animals, goes back and gets certified as a veterinarian, and joins a larger circus.

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