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Uptight guys can't be grateful for sex. Jacob had some circus whores who were rubbing on his p_nis, pulling his pants down, even sucking on his dick, and what's Jacob's reaction? Anger! Resentment! There are some guys who are so frigid that you can't get them to do it even if you stick their thing inside a willing and ready v_gina.


Dwarves have to masturbate for very obvious reasons. Kinko (what a great name!) the dwarf has to masturbate for sexual release. This is very understandable! Dwarves have very small p_nises and normal women would not feel anything if they had sex with them. That's why dwarves have to masturbate to pornographic versions of Popeye cartoons if they want sexual release. In the story Kinko also was very attached to his female dog. One has to wonder if he didn't bone his favorite dog from time to time.

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Paranoid people aren't always wrong. August was labeled as paranoid for thinking that Marlena and Jacob were attracted to each other, but guess what, they were attracted to each other! Not so paranoid after all.


There's a reason people use birth control. Jacob impregnates Marlena after boning her and seems surprised. Why is he surprised? Isn't he a veterinarian? Shouldn't he have known how animals do it?


People who abuse animals and people sometimes get killed by animals and people. Both August and Uncle Al abuse animals and people and both get killed by animals and people. Coincidence? I don't think so.

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