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Goldwyn: A Biography
Samuel Goldwyn is renowned as one of Hollywood's most influential movie moguls. He was the premiere fantasy maker of the early twentieth century. Among the most famous films that he produced were "Wuthering Heights" in 1939, "Arrowsmith" in 1931, and "The Little Foxes" in 1941. He made his final film in 1959, and the film starred Sidney Poitier, Dorothy Dandridge, Sammy Davis Jr., and Pearl Bailey. The film was a version of the George Gershwin opera...
Kate Remembered
Katharine Hepburn, born in Connecticut in 1907 became intrigued with acting from a very early age and that passion was carried out thought her long life of 96 years old. Katharine Hepburn's career as a leading lady crossed seven decades. Over 50 movies and twelve Oscar nominations along with four gold statuettes were Hepburn's phenomenal acting record. Her screen companions such as Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy and director George Cukor were instrumenta...
The life story of one of the most important Presidents in American history. Woodrow Wilson seemingly came out of nowhere to be elected President in 1912. But Wilson's many years as a historian, college professor and president of Princeton University made him uniquely qualified for high office. A Scott Berg is a careful researcher and, more importantly, a fine writer. He uses previously uncited family letters to paint a gripping portrait of Woodrow Wil...