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Facing the Light
Dunne, Apr 2004, 24.95, 416 pp. ISBN: 031231826X Her two daughters, her grandchildren and her great-grandchildren are arriving at Willow Court to celebrate the seventy-fifth birthday of the family matriarch Leonora Simmonds. While her kin pays homage to her, TV film director Sean Everard is doing a special on Leonora's father, renowned Edwardian painter Edwin Walsh. As undercurrents swirl amidst the gathering family, Leonora dreams of being e...
Xanthe and Marpessa are sisters living in Troy during a time of the war. It has been ten years since the war began after Paris swept Helen away from her husband in Greece to his home in Troy, causing her husband to wage a war to return her back to him. Marpessa was Helen's maidservant and is more like a daughter to her than anything else. She witnesses the love of Paris and Helen, but also Paris's philandering ways. She is able to see the gods as the...