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At the Stroke of Madness
Mira, August 2003, 24.95, 400pp. ISBN: 1551667177 D.C. based artist Joan Begley already felt lonely when the only person she felt cared about her died. Joan heads to middle Connecticut for the funeral. While in the Wallingford area she meets Sonny who has befriended her over the Internet. However, instead of showing Joan kindness he abducts her. Joan's psychiatrist Dr. Gwen Patterson worries about her patient who she is quite fond of when s...
One False Move
Melanie Sparks and her son Charlie are con artists. When her brother Jared Barnett is released from jail, thanks to his crooked attorney Max Kramer, Jared has a plan that will change all their lives. His plan is to rob a bank in Nebraska with the help of Melanie and Charlie. Jared thought he had everything worked out, but he soon realizes that even one false move can change everything. Within minutes after Jared and Charlie step into the bank, shots ...
Split Second
FBI agent Maggie O'Dell is facing her nemesis Albert Stucky, a butcher of women. After escaping prison by killing guards in transit, he begins his obsession with Maggie and feeds her fear of him by killing all women with whom she has even general conversations. Toying with a new love in her life, Maggie tries to move on but knows she can never do that until Stucky is dead. That oportunity comes and she knows she only has a split second to make the ri...