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Calling Romeo
Downtown Press, Feb 2004, 13.00, 368pp ISBN: 074347032X In London, Juliet and Will have been seeing one another for over two years and have lived together for the past eighteen months. However, she is increasingly becoming disillusioned with Will's selfish tendencies towards his new landscaping business. Currently, she waits for him to meet her at a bar before they are to go out to celebrate Valentine's Day, but he fails to arrive. She assumes...
Do You Come Here Often?
It's Grace Fairley's 31st birthday but her fiancÚ, Spencer, is too busy with his law practice to buy her a gift. At least he arranged for dinner at a restaurant and invited Grace's friends. At the restaurant, Grace sees Jimi Malik, the boy she fell in love with as a teenager, gave her virginity to, and whom she never saw again -- until now, thirteen years later. Jimi, a journalist and aspiring novelist, has been an ultra cool playboy. But he is about to...