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New Orleans Legacy
Mary MacAlistair is a young teenage girl searching for her New Orleans family. Just before graduation in a girl's Pennsylvania boarding school, Mary receives a box from her father which has been in her mother's family for years. Enclosed are items such as gloves, an Indian arrowhead, and a fan. However, the next day, Mary gets shocking news: her father has died, and her mother is really her stepmother, who doesn't want Mary as a daughter anymore. ...
This book, the sequel to Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With the Wind" follows Scarlett in her attempt to win back the love and affection of Rhett. We follow Scarlett from Atlanta to Charleston, where she lives with Rhett's mother, and visits her aunts. She then goes to Savannah and meets some family members she has never met before. Then, with them, she goes to Ireland to discover her heritage. For the rest of the book, Scarlett struggles with loss, fear...