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Civil-rights activist Meridian Hill struggles with romance, family life, and personal ethics -- all the while trying to stay true to herself, and the cause. Meridian Hill is a community activist known for her fearless encounters with local authorities. She gathers a group of local school children together, intending to show the children a local curiosity: on an old burial ground owned by the city, there lies a mummified woman encased in an ancient casket...
The Color Purple
The transformation of a woman's life from serial tragedy, illiteracy and abuse to transformation, rebirth and joy. THE COLOR PURPLE The Color Purple, both a novel and a movie, takes place in the 1930's in rural Georgia, a most oppressive time and place for African Americans. The story opens with our protagonist, Celie, a teenage African American girl, whose mother has just died and whose father ceaselessly beats and rapes her. Celie has had two ba...