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Caroline and Charlotte
Caroline of Brunswick was the cousin of George, Prince of Wales and Prince Regent, and they were married in 1795 without having met until she arrived from Germany in England for the wedding in 1795. The match was a disaster, as they hated each other from the start. When he first saw his intended wife, he announced he was not well and asked for a glass of brandy, while she told her attendants that he did not look nearly as handsome as his portrait had su...
The Stuart Princesses
This book follows the lives of six princesses of the House of Stuart who lived in England and Europe during the war and peace of the 17th century. The first was Elizabeth, daughter of King James VI and I of England and Scotland, who became the ‘Winter Queen' of Bohemia all too briefly, until she and her husband were driven out of their kingdom after defeat in the Thirty Years' War. Of the daughters of her brother King Charles I and Queen Henrietta Mar...