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A Dark Night Hidden
Josse d'Acquin investigates the murder of a vicious, fanatical priest and helps a group of Cathars escape to France. In A Dark Night Hidden [ISBN 0-340-79332-5] Alys Clare describes treachery and its resolution, and follows the lives and decisions of several people faced with difficult, ethical decisions based upon conflicting ideas of right and wrong. Sir Josse d'Acquin, of New Winnowlands in Kent, has been visiting his Uncle Hugh of Lewes, his late ...
The Tavern In The Morning
St. Martin's, June 2002, 22.95, 200 pp. ISBN 0312262374 Richard I honors his loyal knight Josse d'Acquin by giving him the house New Winnowlands. The Queen Mother Eleanor confirms the gift, which included no rent for his new home located near Tonbridge. However, with Richard overseas, John demands Josse pay rent on the property. While struggling with his ire and what to do, Josse becomes diverted when somebody dies at the nearby inn. The kn...