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My Old Man
The main character, Rachel Block, a young Jewish woman has graduated from college and to the delight of her parents, decided to go to rabbinical school. She ends up dropping out because of the death of a patient she was trying to comfort. Rachel gets a job tending bar in her old neighborhood while she tries to decide what to do with her life. She is a good girl trying on a new role. Rachel gets invited to a cast party by a friend in the theater world...
Run Catch Kiss
This book is basically a very funny look at sex and the single girl. Although she's an aspiring actress and a temp, she manages to get a job as a sex columnist for a local newspaper. It describes her exploits around town with a variety of men, often leading her to feel more for them than they do for her. There is the ongoing conflict of wanting to be in a stable relationship and needing the promiscuity to keep her job alive. Very funny, very quick re...