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A Dry White Season
White South African teacher Ben Du Toit goes in search of justice for the killing of a black South African boy and ends up taking the entire apartheid system. In his quest, he learns the truth about his privileged position as a white, the poverty of black society and the corrupt system that has kept them divided. Du Toit breaks with family, friends, his job and all he has ever known to follow his heart and gain justice. But is it enough?...
Before I Forget
Set against a backdrop of political turmoil, aeing writer Chris Minaar looks back on the women in his life and the impact they've had on him. The trigger for this, after a long writers' block, is the death of Rachel, the woman he loves. Her death is significant partly because she dies young and unexpectedly, and partly because Minaar's love for her has always been one-sided. When Minaar meets her, she is married to another man, George. George has a large...