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Beast Master's Ark
Tor, Jun 2002, 23.95, 318 pp. ISBN: 0765300419 Death-which-Comes-in-the-Night is as deadly a killer as anyone will find. The creature hunts its prey in darkness, but leaves no traces that it has dined except the totally cleansed bones of the victim. No one has lived to tell anything about this deadly scourge that eradicates populations with ease. Death-which-Comes-in-the-Night assaults and feeds from the people of planet Arzor. Native Ameri...
Beastmaster's Circus
Tor, Feb 2004, 24.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 0765300427 The orphan Laris is held in servitude bondage by Dedran the Circus Master until she attains the credits to pay for her freedom. Though Laris loves the animals that she cares for, she equally loathes the avaricious Dedran, who is nasty and abusive to everyone. As she tours from planet to planet on The Queen of the Circus vessel, Laris and the big alien feline Prauo forge a telepathic bond that she h...
The Duke's Ballad
Tor, Jan 2005, 24.95, 318 pp. ISBN: 0765306360 Kirion, the sorcerer to the ruling Duke Shastro, insures that his liege gets what he wants. When he “pimped” girls from the old city using his ability to make his victims believe they love and in turn are loved by the Duke, no one in power cared, but when Shastro turned to the young at court, trouble started brewing. Meanwhile Kirion's sister Aisling comes home after a three year self imposed exi...