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Style of a Lifetime
Julie Bryant goes to Europe to participate in the famous Mahogany hair show in London. She is a hair stylist at a new shop and goes to be an assistant for her employer. While there, she meets Bill Allen, an international style artist. They go out for drinks and the sparks fly between them even though there is a least a 20 year age difference. Later, while tipsy, he takes her back to his flat. Waking up the next morning,the they make love. The book s...
The Coffee Shop
Jenna Wade is a young women living in New York City trying to get her life together. One day she meets a man in the local coffee shop and she is intrigued. He is somewhat familar to her, but she can't place him. They end up runing into one another a couple of times and eventually begin talking. The man is British, handsome and it turns out he is a fmaous actor in town doing a play. The sparks fly and they spend an afternoon in Jenna's loft. Afterwards, h...