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The Confessions of Max Tivoli
Max Tivoli is born as a child in an old man's body. In this story, which begins in 1870's San Francisco, he ages in reverse. He meets the love of his life, Alice, when he is seventeen but he cannot become involved with her because he looks like a man of fifty. He later reunites with her only to lose her again due to his strange affliction. This book was told in the form of a journal written to his young son who will never know him....
The Path of Minor Planets
This book tells the story of a group of astronomers, their spouses and children, starting with a comet viewing and meteor shower in the South Pacific in 1965 and tracing their lives over the next twenty years in terms of the comet's regular returns. Eli is a young married scientist who finds himself falling for Denise, a single astronomer whose life until this point has been consumed by the stars. This is a story of lost and found love, of age and regr...